Creepy Gifs Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) 


  1. Mirrors (2008)
  2. Not Known
  3. Not Known
  4. The Devil Inside (2012)
  5. Project Zero 4
  6. Not Known
  7. Not Known although I believe it has to do with the creature called The Rake
  8. Not known but I think from MarbleHornet’s Slenderman Series. 

7 is from sleeplessnightsofthinking's YouTube series WhisperedFaith, and 8 is indeed from MarbleHornets.


I don’t know how many other songs are this beautiful. I remember hearing a few songs for the first time and just being blown away and getting little buzzy feelings. Twin Falls by built to spill or tibetan pop stars by hop along to name a few. This song gave me that initial shock. That beautiful dive into something really transcending and great. 

The Phonemes are a band from Toronto Canada. I don’t think they’re active anymore, but some members play in Sheezer now. (maybe just one, there isn’t a lot of info about these musicians) 

Anyway, this entire release is one of the best soft folk records i’ve ever heard. Impeccable musicianship and painfully beautiful lyricism is embedded throughout. Listen to all of their stuff here.